Officers & Representatives

Ellington Education Association Executive Board

President: Mark Mahler (High School)

Vice President/Membership Chair: Amy Bernabe (High School)

Treasurer: Rachel Dio-Rand (Middle School)

Secretary: Kathryn Herrity (Center School)

PPC (Grievance Committee) Chairpersons:

Jason Scavotto (High School)
Kim Sztaba (Middle School)
Nancy Powell (Windermere)

Building Representatives

Center School: Tim Adams & Steve Bernard
Crystal Lake: Christine Marshall
High School: Deborah White & Kim Reilly
Middle School: Steve Donovan
Windermere: Martha Malone-Reiss, Becky Derby, and Erin Lafleche

If you have any questions/issues please see your building representative. They will be able to help or point you in the right direction.