CEA and NEA Benefits Flyer

Good morning everyone!
I hope that March has started well for each of you! There are a couple cool updates with our Benefits through CEA and NEA that I wanted to make you aware of outside of just the typical flyer (that hopefully you’ve received, or will soon receive):

  1. Update regarding FMLA/ Family Sick – If you have a child with an IEP, and have exhausted your “Legal days”, you can use FMLA for recurring appointments regarding that IEP and Family Leave time for IEP meetings, according to a new interpretation of the law. Here is an article with more in depth information if you’re interested : Article
  2. Please be aware, FMLA leave is unpaid much of the time. 
  3. Typically valued at $110 a year, BJ’s Membership is only $40 for two people for 12 months for CEA members.

Additionally, I have attached the electronic version (PDF) of the Spring flyer, and put the links below for you:

  • Adventure Parks link
  • Shopping link
  • Credit Counseling & Home Financing link
  • Vacation link
  • Pet Insurance link
  • Personal Loan link

This year’s Early Career Educators Conference will be held Saturday, March 21, 2020, at the Mystic Marriott Hotel.  There are a variety of workshops designed to address current issues and promote best practices in teaching.  Many of these workshops will be presented by CEA members and while geared toward early career educators, all members are welcome to attend.  Please encourage their participation.

Ø  Conference Details/Registration is online at under Upcoming Events.  Attendees will need their member ID to log in.  If they do not know their ID number, they may email Mary Behrens at

Ø  Please also contact Mary Behrens if you would like a list of members who were invited from your local.

Please promote this very important experience for teachers new to the profession in your locals.  Feel free to contact Mary Behrens if you have any questions.